Maximize the New Patient Generation
Power of Your 
Digital Advertising

In the Most Profitable Way Possible
Maximize your new patient generation from the major digital advertising channels with our all-in-one PatientGenerator™ profit driven digital dental & orthodontic advertising solution. Our partnerships with major digital advertising channels, combined with our extensive enterprise digital dental and orthodontic advertising experience, means only one thing for you: getting the absolute most profitable new patient generating advertising system customized to your dental practice.

Get Your Own
Enterprise Class Advertising Solution

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on enterprise grade digital advertising staff, tools, and systems. We create all the digital ads, landing pages, funnels and digital campaign assets customized to your brand. We’re constantly running and testing thousands of digital dental and orthodontic ads, creatives, keywords and landing page combinations on a daily basis and you will directly benefit from our enterprise grade digital advertising systems and data based precision targeting technology.


Profitable New Patient Growth 

We position your dental or orthodontic brand for long-term success on the most profitable digital dental advertising channels. Our fully customized PatientGenerator digital dental advertising solution is designed to connect your practice with the maximum number of potential local dental patients looking for the state-of-the-art dental or orthodontic services you’re offering, in the absolute most profitable way possible, guaranteed.

Our Primary Focus:
Dental and Orthodontic Practices

We are not your typical digital marketing agency or do-it-yourself platform that offer a one-size-fits-all approach to digital advertising. As a dental or orthodontic practice, you need a digital advertising campaign that is customized to your brand and designed with your target audience in mind. Our extensive experience running national and local dental and orthodontic digital advertising campaigns enables us to craft targeted, data-driven digital advertising campaigns for your local or national dental or orthodontic practice.

Transparent and Accountable
Advertising Solution

What gets measured gets managed and we keep constant track of the digital advertising growth metrics that matter most to your dental and orthodontic practice and provide that analysis to you on a monthly basis. To ensure transparent tracking and reporting, we use a leading 3rd party call and contact tracking vendor so you can rest assured you will receive unbiased, accurate and transparent campaign performance reporting of your digital advertising investment.


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