Maximize the New Patient Generation
Power of Your 
Digital Marketing

In the Most Profitable Way Possible
To succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital dental and orthodontic marketing environment you need to be constantly engaged with your existing and potential new patients. Our PatientConnector™ digital content marketing solution for dental and orthodontic practices is designed to maximize the growth of your new patients from all relevant digital marketing channels such as search engines, social networks, and online directories. PatientConnector™ is a one-of-a-kind digital content marketing machine that will help you connect with new patients by creating and consistently distributing ongoing, unique and beneficial digital content and offers on all the relevant search engines, social media platforms, and online directories.

All in One
Digital Content Marketing Solution

By creating and consistently distributing interesting and relevant content in the form of blog posts, infographics and other types of digital media, we help you position and promote your dental or orthodontic practice for the long term on both search engines and social networks. We assign our team of award-winning authors who regularly contribute to major publications, including the New York Times, Huffington Post and Yahoo Buzz, to create customized, beneficial and unique digital content tailored to your dental or orthodontic practice. We then distribute this digital content on all the major digital marketing channels on an ongoing basis.


Designed to
Turn Visitors Into Profitable Patients

While many digital marketing programs are created to attract initial visitors from digital marketing channels, they fall short of developing these potential new patients into actual new patients. With PatientConnector’s unique digital traffic funneling capability we help you convert casual digital visitors into profitable new patients. By adding engaging usability & design enhancement features such as mobile click-to-call and appointment request calls-to-action in your digital content we encourage your digital audience to connect with your dental or orthodontic practice in as many ways as possible.

Accelerate Referrals
by Rewarding Your Patients

We help you grow your new patients by offering your digital audience access to PatientConnector’s one-of-a-kind social giveaway contest campaign. Every other month we offer your digital audience members a chance to win a gift such as digital gift cards, services you offer or a gift of your own choosing. The solution operates on a “point-based” system that encourages the participants to share your giveaway with their digital connections. This digital word-of-mouth will result in increased patient referrals for you dental or orthodontic practice, as well as the continuous growth of your digital audience.


Online Directory Location Syndication

In addition to helping you connect with new patients on search engines and social networks, PatientConnector will also sync and submit your local dental or orthodontic practice to all the relevant local digital directories. By syndicating your dental or orthodontic location information with over 50 local online directories, we help you gain immediate access to the ready-to-buy potential patients living or working close to your dental or orthodontic practice who are searching digital directories for the types of dental or orthodontic services you’re offering.


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